GMC from Makkah to Medinah

The spiritual journey from Makkah to Medinah holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. Safa and Marwa Transport is committed to providing a seamless travel experience for this pilgrimage. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about booking a GMC with Safa and Marwa Transport for your journey from Makkah to Medinah. We will also explore an alternative route through Badr, ensuring you have all the information you need for a memorable and comfortable trip.

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Understanding the Routes Primary Route and its Features

The distance between Makkah and Medinah is approximately 420 kilometers. The primary route is the most commonly traveled and offers convenient access to various landmarks, attractions, and rest stops along the way. As you embark on this journey, you will witness breathtaking desert landscapes, historical sites, and cultural gems.

Alternative Route through Badr and its Advantages

For those seeking a different experience, an alternative route through Badr presents an intriguing option. This route not only offers a change of scenery but also allows travelers to visit the historic city of Badr, renowned for its pivotal role in Islamic history. Exploring this route adds an enriching dimension to your journey, allowing you to connect with the heritage of the Islamic faith.

The Safa and Marwa Transport Advantage Luxury and Comfort in Our GMC Vehicles

At Safa and Marwa Transport, we take pride in our fleet of luxurious GMC vehicles. Our GMCs are designed to provide the utmost comfort, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable journey throughout. From plush seating to ample legroom, our vehicles are tailored to meet your travel needs. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of reliable and top-quality transportation services. Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction has earned us positive reviews and the trust of countless travelers.

Safety Features and Reliability

We prioritize your safety above all else. Our GMC vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features, including anti-lock braking systems, airbags, and stability control. We maintain a rigorous maintenance schedule and adhere to high-quality standards to ensure the utmost reliability of our vehicles. With Safa and Marwa Transport, you can travel with peace of mind.

Competitive Prices, Diverse Vehicle Options, and Customer Reviews

We understand that each traveler has unique preferences and budgetary constraints. That’s why we offer competitive prices to accommodate various budgets. Our fleet includes a range of GMC vehicles, including spacious SUVs and comfortable vans, allowing you to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers have left positive reviews highlighting their exceptional experiences with Safa and Marwa Transport.

Booking Your GMC with Safa and Marwa Transport

Booking your GMC with Safa and Marwa Transport is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth reservation:

  1. Research and Compare GMC Options: Visit our website to explore our fleet and compare vehicle options, features, and pricing.
  2. Contact our Customer Service or book online: Reach out to our dedicated customer service team to inquire about availability, pricing, and any specific requirements you may have. You can either contact us directly via Whatsapp or use the online booking form.
  3. Provide the Necessary Information: Please provide the necessary information as your name, contact number, number of passengers, luggage (No. of Bags) and the dates you want to avail the service.
  4. Confirm Your Reservation: Once all details are finalized, confirm your reservation and receive a booking confirmation along with any additional information for your journey.

Preparing for the Journey Packing Essentials

To ensure a comfortable journey, it is essential to pack the right essentials. Consider the duration of your trip and the prevailing weather conditions. We recommend packing comfortable clothing, appropriate footwear, personal hygiene products, necessary medications, and any religious items you may require.

Alternative Route through Badr

The alternative route through Badr provides a unique opportunity to explore the historic city and its surroundings. Here are some of the attractions and advantages of this route. You can visit the site of the Battle of Badr, where Prophet Muhammad and his companions achieved a momentous victory and experience the historical significance and serenity of this remarkable location.

Arriving in Medinah

Upon reaching Medinah, you will step foot in the second holiest city in Islam. Medinah is a city rich in spiritual heritage and offers a profound sense of tranquility. Here are some essential aspects to consider upon arrival:

  1. The Prophet’s Mosque (Al-Masjid an-Nabawi): Explore this iconic mosque and pay your respects at the resting place of Prophet Muhammad. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere and participate in the congregational prayers.
  2. Quba Mosque: Visit the first mosque built in Islamic history and take in its architectural beauty. The Quba Mosque holds great significance and is a recommended place of worship.
  3. Accommodations and Local Transportation: Medinah offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every budget. Consider booking your stay in advance to secure the best options. Additionally, the city provides various transportation options, including taxis and buses, for convenient travel within Medinah.


In this comprehensive guide, we have provided you with all the necessary information to book a GMC from Makkah to Medinah with Safa and Marwa Transport. We explored the primary route and the alternative route through Badr, highlighting the advantages and attractions of each.

Embark on this sacred journey with Safa and Marwa Transport, knowing that you will experience luxury, comfort, and reliability throughout your trip. Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable travel experience.

Book your GMC with Safa and Marwa Transport today and embark on a spiritually uplifting journey from Makkah to Medinah. Let us be your trusted companion as you connect with the rich Islamic heritage and create cherished memories along the way.